PFN is the most amazing gym. The sessions are super varied and well-planned, the facility is great and the people are the best! I had literally no idea what I was doing when I started but nothing is too much trouble for the staff or the members and everyone will gladly help you out. Felt so welcome and supported!

Cheryl Whiteley

Awesome gym everyone is very friendly and very helpful it's like a extended family as we do events out side the gym as well

Nick Hill

Did a first session tonight it was great fun everyone was very welcoming looking forward to the next one.

Darren Ginn

Awesome gym and an even better group of people. When I joined I had no athletic ability, no confidence and no idea where to begin. Team PFN has been so welcoming and encouraging right from the beginning, and made me feel so included and capable.
Before I started I was way too embarrassed to workout around other people but now I'm trying to get down to the gym as much as possible so that says it all really.

Alex Page

Having a great time working on my fitness here. And really pleased with my progress on 'the journey' so far!

Matt Swansborugh

PFN is a gym like no other!! The staff are so knowledgeable, supportive and encouraging, and the members are pretty awesome too!! I didn't think it was possible to love exercising as much as I do, but that's what happens when you go to PFN!

Claire Fuller

Friendly and welcoming gym with supportive staff and members, cater for all abilities and goals.

James Anderson

PFN has changed a massive part of my life - for the better! I've been coming here for a year and a half and it's one of the best decision I've ever made. Naturally before my first session, I was feeling a little nervous. HOWEVER, I was welcomed with open arms and smiling faces. You not only get awesome, hard workouts (this is a good thing) but the community and support of the PFN family is amazing. Everyone wants you to succeed! I've had knee issue my whole life, the management team and coach have worked with me throughout, making sure I never sit on the sidelines. I have so much love for this place!

Alex St Clair

I started going to project fitness after having spent about a year looking in to cross fit and wanting to take my training to another level. Previously I have done regular gym work outs and cardio. A friend was a member and she recomended project fitness. I went down for a taster session and joined immediately following this and have been a member for 9 months. A great gym, the coaches and owners are all knowledgeable and the community is awesome! 100% would recomend working out here!

Jamie Bedford

I've been coming here for 9 months now and knew nothing about CrossFit!
I'm now learning loads and have really supportive coaches and friends helping me along to reach my fitness goals. Love these guys and the community, couldn't recommend it enough

Marc Burgess

Tonight was great.. thank you Jamie. only been going a couple of weeks and feeling stronger and fitter tonight, learning the techniques and having the support thank you PFN

Victoria Grigg

Had my first class last night, after a year off any moving. I was scared - but had no need to be. I was welcomed, helped, personally coached on technique, cheered on and high fived at the end. Left the place buzzing and exhausted. Perfect.

Vicki Atkinson